Just do it..


Count till 5 and do it!

Experts says that our brain is divided in two parts, autopilot mode and emergency break mode.

Most of our daily routine are in autopilot mode, like sometimes we don’t even remember that we reached office. We are so used to doing it that we do not think about it.

Whereas when asked to join for a group dance in a party we immediately apply our emergency mode saying we are not interested.

If we let both of these manage us we will never be able to come out of being mediocre self.

Hence first 5 seconds of any thought which we either are about to by pass as autopilot or reject as emergency mode is very very critical. We should just let it go and do it!

Going forward any good ideas or thoughts that you want to convert in action don’t wait, let it go in the flow and do it.

Count 1,2,3,4,5 and do it. Period

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