Keep Up Your Confidence During a Long Job Search…

If you’ve lost your job, it can be hard to stay positive and remember your past successes. But in order to sell yourself to prospective employers and land the next job, you need to believe in your abilities. Here’s how to hold onto your confidence during a lengthy job hunt.

  • Write down 10 reasons why you’re successful—and read them every morning. What led to your past accomplishments? What skills do you possess? What relationships do you value? Remind yourself of these facts every day.
  • Set daily and weekly goals. Determine the specific period of time you’ll spend updating your resume, practicing interviewing, researching opportunities, and applying to jobs. And don’t just look at your career—consider personal goals you haven’t had time to reach.
  • Network. Reach out to former colleagues, managers, and classmates. You don’t have to do this alone.
  • Take care of yourself. Job hunting can be exhausting. Take time to do things you’re good at or love, such as playing a sport, biking, or simply reading a book. Adding low-pressure, achievable goals to those activities—for example, “I will read 30 pages a day,” or “I will bike 10 miles this week”—can help you feel accomplished.
  • Volunteer. This is a great way to keep your skills sharp and even develop new ones. Bringing your expertise to a volunteer space will remind you of your value, and helping others will boost your confidence, gratitude, and mood.

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