Leading Your Team Through Uncertainty

Whether it’s winter season, layoffs, or geopolitical tensions—there is a lot happening in the global economy. How can you make sure you’re successful as a leader through uncertain times? Here are some strategies.

  • Create a humble, “company-first” culture. This entails leading by example and doing what’s right for the business and your people, instead of driving individual agendas or objectives. It also means recognizing that your role extends beyond the individual unit you manage and requires communicating across teams and units.
  • Focus on reinventing the business. When things aren’t “business as usual,” it’s time to look for opportunities to innovate. Be sure that the right minds are assigned to this reinvention—and that the more routine, day-to-day work is delegated to employees you trust to execute it.
  • Be more inclusive. This means prioritizing not only the diversity of your team in terms of gender and ethnicity, but also in terms of viewpoints, backgrounds, and skill sets. The more diverse and inclusive your team is, the more adaptable it will be through uncertain times.

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