Teach Failure to Succeed……

One of the biggest debate today is what should we teach our kids? Interesting topic huh, some say make them aggressive as they cannot survive without it. Or some say they should be good in sports, from early stage if they will be good in sports they can rake money :). Offcourse they should be good in studies much better than any others. The list goes on and on….

So what should we teach them? Sports? Best in Studies? Music? Dance? Anymore…

I think the right answer is “FAILURE” we should teach them how to fail and get up and try again. If you fail again getup and try again, again and again ….



Now why we should teach them to fail?

As a kid no one knows what they like or what they want to become, even for us its difficult to really understand what we like or what we want to acheive in next 5 years. Yes usual answer is to rake lot of money and retire but it never happens not because we make the money, but someone has much more money than us and hence we want to get to that level or next level….

So what can help us best, imagine if you have no fear of failure or our kids have no fear of failure ( And we support them in failure ). They can try out new things without giving second thought that if we fail what will happen? And this is the only skill you have that if you fail you get up dust your hands and start over..without thinking or having any regrets..

You will be the happiest person because you will keep trying, keep trying and you will achieve more and more. But we are too ingrained with all crap that we should always succeed and never fail, we should always be best in everything. And we want our kids to do the same!

So lets teach our kids how to fail and pull up and try again..i think if we can teach this one thing attribute they will succeed in their lives ….

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