Learnings from “Avengers: EndGame”

  • Badass steals the limelight, the movie is about Thanos and his terror. He was the biggest hero and died like a hero. So being Badass is not bad in this world!
  • Superhero needs other superheroes to win whether its big or small. Ant-man though not as powerful as Captain Marvel was the only reason Avengers could go back and win.
  • Consciousness rather over-consciousness is not good! In fact, it clouded the Superheros’ judgment, divided the whole group, delayed the fight back.
  • Team is more powerful than family. Thanos daughters betrayed him and helped Avengers. Whereas Avengers Team though broken re-established & won.
  • Superheroes are heroes’ if their worlds exist. Imagine a sudden wipe out of your inner circle. Power & Money have no use without society. It’s in the eyes of our world (Inner circle) we are Superheros! And that’s what we aspire.

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