Less spending on needless things…

In these times, we remember what’s really important. Suffering, be it our own or that of others, prompts us to think.

Who feels like buying fancy clothes now? Who cares about VIP tickets? When you’re forced to reduce expectations and stop living large, you gain space to reflect. A common conclusion is, “Oh, I never needed this, to begin with.”

Suddenly, it’s enough to watch your children play. To read a book or talk to a friend on the phone. If you can’t fill your spare time with distractions, the only alternative is to spend it on what’s meaningful.

Granted, all this reduced spending might not be prolonged, and it might look bad on paper for the world economy — but in the end, it’ll turn us into better humans. We might even use more of our resources to benefit others once we resume business-as-usual.

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