Let it be….

Have u ever tried getting the coal ready for a grill? (Yes its the most relevant question 🙂 )

Steps are:

1. Make a pile of coal in the grill.

2. Light 3-4 ignite bars placed in different areas in the pile.

3. Wait for ignite bars to burn and let coal catch fire to turn red evenly.

And you are ready to grill.

Even though the process is simple but it’s not easy and almost 90% of the time it fails. Either coal will not burn or we need to use more ignite bars…

And guess which part is most difficult? Step 3.

Yes, waiting for 20 minutes without doing anything is impossible. We will either try and shift the coal or move ignite bars or try to give more air…
Offcourse with practice, we learn that leaving the coal with igniting bars without doing anything is the best way to allow it to burn quickly and evenly.

So why can’t we just let it be? Why do we always complicate things instead of taking the simplest path as said: “Occam’s Razor – simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones”

There are numerous examples like the above when we overdo and make it more complex than it is. Why can’t we just “Let it be”. Is it because our life is no longer simple or if it’s complicated we like the thrill and excitement of it!

Whatever be the reason but we no longer believe that simple things in life can really give us what we want. But is it true?

Some times, some things in life works best when “Letting it be”.So “Let it be” and get the bests!

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