Work is Worship…

Work leads to happiness.

Work is consistent.

Work is progress.

Work helps distill fear.

Work creates power.

Work creates wealth.

Work creates serendipity.

Work is serenity.

Work is your soulmate.

Hence Work hard and Worship you work!

Limited Mind Space…

We all have limited mind space. But the beauty of the mind it is malleable and with practice, we can make it process better and faster in the same limited space.

Let me take an example:

While learning to drive a vehicle;

Initially, your mind will occupy most of the space while you are driving, how to handle the steering, how and when to apply break, when to accelerate, etc…so many things going on in your mind, it is fully occupied. 

But with practice and time, once you have learned. You can drive a vehicle in less than 10% of mind space.

Our mind is so malleable and powerful. With practice and time, we can effectively increase our mind space and do manyfold workloads.

All it takes is practice, habit, and time to increase the mental space.

/earth: file system full.

The Earth file system is full? What can we delete now? 

The clue is humans use maximum hard disk with minimal productive data. 

Can we delete and save /earth from crashing?

Moments of Wonder in Small things…

More than ever we need ways to recharge our energy, calm our anxieties, and practice self-care. Seeking out moments that inspire awe or wonder (experiences that push you to think about ideas, issues, and people outside of yourself) can help you achieve these goals. 

This doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the Taj Mahal or a Five-star hotel; noticing a starry night sky, an unexpected act of kindness, or the changing colors of the leaves can be just as awesome. 

One simple and powerful opportunity is to take an “awe walk” — a 20-minute break to wander, be curious, and observe the beauty around you (even in a familiar place like your yard or neighborhood). Suppose you can’t step away from your desk, take advantage of the natural wonders at your fingertips. In that case, several studies have shown that even videos of nature (check out the docuseries Planet Earth) can inspire our sense of awe. 

Not only will these little moments of wonder recharge your batteries, they’ll also improve your creativity and collaboration at work.

The reason why truth wins…

Here are the reasons why truth wins over lies:

Lies are unsettling, it does not allow you to think far…

Truth is settling, it calms you and helps in long-term thinking.

The more lies you tell, the further you go away from yourself, and slowly but certainly you start lying to yourself.

Truth is harsh but it lets you grow, making you understand yourself better.

Lies make you weak, truth makes you bold.

So if it’s possible be with truth and ignore lies.

Even if you don’t have peers…

Do your social circles define you?

If you live with entrepreneurs you will become a successful entrepreneur.

If you live with artists you will become a successful artist.

So on forth.

But does all the successful entrepreneur comes from the same area? Not really, in fact, they come from different varieties of areas and fields. 

So conformity to a social circle mostly is just a historical data analysis, but the variety is what wins.  And variety gives the chance to everyone who does not have the opportunity to be in that circle.

So don’t worry if you don’t have the conformity of a good circle, you have the variety, you have the will to do good, to move forward, and be the bests!  

So whatever you want to do, do it, it’s all on you!