Value of a loser…

Don’t underestimate the value of a loser.

A loser is a loser until one gives up. And tomorrow will come up as a winner if he/she doesn’t give up.

A loser gives value to a winner, otherwise, the winner has no value.

A loser is a contextual loser i.e he/she may lose in one area but a winner in another area, in general, we judge winners or losers mostly thru a commercial or materialistic lens. 

Losers are in general in the majority so if you are a leader it’s to your benefit to make them winners.

So don’t underestimate a loser and its value. And don’t worry if you are a loser, either change the field and play where u can be a winner, or keep it up because one day you will become a winner.

Race between a Wind-Up Toy and AI Toy

What will happen if we race a Wind-Up Toy with an Artificial Intelligence Toy?

Well it depends on the race, if it’s a straightforward race from point A to point B without any obstacles Wind up toy will be better.

Whereas if the race is a complex maze with a lot of turns the AI toy will do better.

In the race of life neither will win, because sometimes it’s straight and sometimes it’s curvy, but if it’s about being happy and running the race, Wind up toy will be happier because of being a simpleton, it will just follow a path not worrying about reaching the end.


Family is the most important thing in life.

Our success is useless if it’s not celebrated by family.

Our failure becomes a shared feeling and gets divided by family.

Our bad days become better because of family.

Our happy days are happy because of family.

Our boosting happens because of family.

Our life runs on track because of family.

So always give time and care for your family!

Day in day out…

If we wish to achieve a single thing and “day in day out” if we keep thinking about it, it’s not possible we won’t achieve it.

Our problem is that we can’t restrict ourselves to that single thing. What is it? Life keeps asking us for that wish but we don’t know what that wish is, as it keeps changing.

It’s all about finding that wish, it should be strong enough to keep thinking, dreaming, planning, and working on it day in day out…and I am sure it will be achieved. 

Anxious, change the mind channel…

We all wish to have a remote of our mind like a TV remote so we can easily change our mind channel.

Yes, there is a way, lets’ experiment with anxiety;

When you feel anxious next time.

Think about white bears (or your favorite movie character) for 30 seconds. Next, think of anything except white bears for 30 seconds. You will observe the white bears kept appearing in your thoughts. 

Then give yourself a simple task that requires full attention, like sorting a deck of cards by suit in 30 seconds. When finished, check whether you have any thoughts about white bears. The answer will probably be “no”.

This shows how changing your mind even for a short duration (30 seconds) can help change your thoughts. We can think of other healthy ways to “change the channel” in the future – like shooting hoops or baking cupcakes.


Judgments are part and parcel of our daily life. 

Whether a group of friends judging us for doing something odd. 

Whether we are being judged for an interview.

Whether the spouse is judging for performing daily chores. 

Or you are judging your children.

It feels powerful to judge others and feel diminished if we are being judged. But there is not a single person in this world who is spared and the more we grow the more judgments are targeted.

So don’t worry we are not alone in being judged.

Best way to handle it is to ignore the judgments passed at us and avoid judging others. 

Fear of Failure…

However much we grow in life, become knowledgeable, become wise, and become an expert but fear of failure is always present.

The rigor of fear tones down as we gain experience but it still keeps up. 

I think it’s a good thing because it keeps us on our toes, it says – don’t take it easy and be prepared for it. 

Preparation is the salve that soothes this fear and helps us cross it. At the same time, we need to understand that we can and should give our bests, rest leave it to God or Fate.

So, tackle the fear of failure with your best preparation! And let God take care of the rest.