Fearful people are the most imaginative people…

I was talking to my son, he is very scared of going into dark places alone.. i was telling him everyone is friend of human beings, so why is he is scared? He said: I feel that suddenly there will be a shark in bathroom, shark in bathroom really 🙂 it was hilarous.

He is one of the most imaginative kid i have seen, very observant and observe things very carefully and imbibes it. He almost sees shark when he imagines..

Fearfull people are most imaginative once for sure……

Busy Bee – Procrastination a great help :)

All of us are always busy, we have umpteen things to do on daily basis. We complain ferociously that if we have time we could have…dont worry it is not again one productivity lectures 🙂

Procrastination is our best friend, yes delay all your usual works do something interesting, read something or watch a movie, read a novel, play with your kids, forget all the to do lists that you have. Build something interesting…

Follow your heart and mind to do something interesting that you like, this is a way of telling us that this is where you should be, not losts in some to do lists.

Overall i think this will lead to achieve more in life and be more productive. So procrastination is our friend keep it active with you 😀


Teach Failure to Succeed……

One of the biggest debate today is what should we teach our kids? Interesting topic huh, some say make them aggressive as they cannot survive without it. Or some say they should be good in sports, from early stage if they will be good in sports they can rake money :). Offcourse they should be good in studies much better than any others. The list goes on and on….

So what should we teach them? Sports? Best in Studies? Music? Dance? Anymore…

I think the right answer is “FAILURE” we should teach them how to fail and get up and try again. If you fail again getup and try again, again and again ….



Now why we should teach them to fail?

As a kid no one knows what they like or what they want to become, even for us its difficult to really understand what we like or what we want to acheive in next 5 years. Yes usual answer is to rake lot of money and retire but it never happens not because we make the money, but someone has much more money than us and hence we want to get to that level or next level….

So what can help us best, imagine if you have no fear of failure or our kids have no fear of failure ( And we support them in failure ). They can try out new things without giving second thought that if we fail what will happen? And this is the only skill you have that if you fail you get up dust your hands and start over..without thinking or having any regrets..

You will be the happiest person because you will keep trying, keep trying and you will achieve more and more. But we are too ingrained with all crap that we should always succeed and never fail, we should always be best in everything. And we want our kids to do the same!

So lets teach our kids how to fail and pull up and try again..i think if we can teach this one thing attribute they will succeed in their lives ….

Missed buses in life….

Today i learnt an important lesson from a small incident of a school boy. He would not be much older than my son around 8-9 yrs boy, crying in corner of a parking lot in our apartment complex. He was trying to get his school bag out of his bycycle as the bag was entangled into the cycle. It was a soft and long cry thinking that he has missed the school bus and was worried what will happen next. I helped him, took his bag and took him to bus stop, were we figured the bus was yet to come, i asked him to drink some water and brought his tiffin which was left in the cycle.

After knowing the bus is yet to come he stopped crying and i left him there waiting for the bus.

This got me thinking if he would missed the bus what worst could have happened ? he would have not gone to school today or his parents would have scolded him and dropped him to school a bit late. But in his mind it was the biggest problem as if whole world will collapse and he need to somehow catch the bus!

I think all of us somewhere are trying to get into that bus, our own buses, which is really good. But what happens if we miss our bus, we all will cry in our own way or get worried or get so desparate oh! why it happened ? what will happen now ? but if we look back and see how many buses we have missed, what have we gained out of it. Sometimes its much better to miss the bus instead of getting into the bus. Also in life there are lot more buses than we usually can see, we get biased by our own short view, as if something huge will happen and we will not be able live beyond that….

So lets keep trying, keep falling, keep failing, yes we may miss today’s bus because of 10 reasons which is not in our control, but someday we will get our buses and than yet again another will come…


Decisions or Determination leads to success?

Is it the decisions u take or ur determination that leads to success?

Decisions: shall i give this exams?, whether i should participate?, shall i join this company or that?, there are so many decisions that comes in our way but does each decisions becomes so critical that we keep muling over it every time. We always keep pondering whether we have taken right decision or not. That analysis keeps on going on and on…

So here is the question: does our decision or our determination / hard work is more important for success? Whether its success in terms of job, money, career .. Go thru any of your past decision and think even if it was wrong decision but you were determined to work and achieve something you would have done it.
May be not in first attempt but if you really want something and are determined to achieve it. YOU will achieve it..

So its your determination your will to achieve something that will decide whether you succeed, not your past decisions, or for that matter future decisions and or failures! Stop pondering ur pasts, and work hard to achieve what u want..and dont worry on wrong decisions..

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston Churchill

How to learn from your mistakes….

Lot of us think that this is such a small thing, we learn from our mistakes do we ? Step back and think when was the last time you had done mistake in office? In your home? And have you learnt from it ? What did u learn ? At least for me it goes blank …

Ever wonder why we don’t even remember our mistake forget learning from it. I think its because we do not accept responsibility for it, we dont accept its a mistake and next time we will not do it again. Or do it much better. One of the main reason we ignore mistake and do not accept is fear of failure.

And because of ignoring the mistake and not accepting we keep doing same mistake again and again, Whereas successful people they accept it and learn from it and rise….Remember this:

[quote]Mentally strong people accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their past mistakes. As a result, they don’t keep repeating those mistakes over and over. Instead, they move on and make better decisions in the future.[/quote]