Managing a Burned-Out Front-Line Manager

More than 50% of managers report feeling burned out. Guiding their employees through the pandemic and its aftermath has exacerbated three hallmarks of burnout: exhaustion, cynicism, and a perceived lack of professional accomplishment. If you’re managing a front-line manager, how can you address this?

First, proactively tie their work to a greater meaning. Discuss what matters most to them and connect their work to those motivators. Next, focus on learning and development. Assign them new, exciting projects, have open conversations about what’s needed to accomplish their goals, and be transparent about potential career paths at the company. Continue to support flexible work to give managers a sense of empowerment over their schedules and help reduce feelings of exhaustion or lack of autonomy.

Finally, create a psychologically safe environment where these employees feel comfortable speaking up about their burnout in the first place—and encourage them to take any self-care measures that might help them recover.

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