Moments of Wonder in Small things…

More than ever we need ways to recharge our energy, calm our anxieties, and practice self-care. Seeking out moments that inspire awe or wonder (experiences that push you to think about ideas, issues, and people outside of yourself) can help you achieve these goals. 

This doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the Taj Mahal or a Five-star hotel; noticing a starry night sky, an unexpected act of kindness, or the changing colors of the leaves can be just as awesome. 

One simple and powerful opportunity is to take an “awe walk” — a 20-minute break to wander, be curious, and observe the beauty around you (even in a familiar place like your yard or neighborhood). Suppose you can’t step away from your desk, take advantage of the natural wonders at your fingertips. In that case, several studies have shown that even videos of nature (check out the docuseries Planet Earth) can inspire our sense of awe. 

Not only will these little moments of wonder recharge your batteries, they’ll also improve your creativity and collaboration at work.

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