Do you know that our brain works in a similar way whether we are doing office work, watching TV, or reading a book.

But then why do we crave more for watching tv or playing games? The reason is that other tasks, for example, “office work” soon becomes monotonous, whereas TV shows or movies keep up the excitement. Sometimes even while watching TV it becomes monotonous and we switch it off or change the channel.

This implies we can trick our brain to focus and keep working on a productive activity for a longer duration by making the task exciting instead of monotonous.

For example, if we want to write a blog or work on an assignment figure out how to make it more fun so that our brain can keep working on it for long hours.

Monotony also leads to a lot of cravings and addiction, because the addict does not get that level of excitement in other things. That is why interacting with other people helps in getting rid of any addictions as the interactions are exciting.

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