Motivation is overrated…why not try routine…

Here is how most of the time motivation works:

Task Performance goes up initially and then falls down.


1. We apply willpower or use an external factor to get motivated.

2. We improve on the task as our motivation level increases.

3. Once we cross a level, motivation drops for the task as we stop applying willpower, and start failing on the task.

4. As we fail, we feel further demotivated and self sinking cementing our belief that the task is something we cannot do or are not interested in.

It’s the same old story again and again for most of the time. But if we look back what stayed with us is something we were able to do repeatedly, daily, weekly & monthly.

Hence “Routine” is a much better then “Motivation”.

Dictionary definition of Routine:

Routinea sequence of actions regularly followed.

Create a routine to improve yourself in any task. Routine will slowly grow into a habit and in the end, lead to excelling in the task(skill).

I always wanted to learn guitar and tried picking it up multiple times.

Joined guitar classes, registered in a band, group practice, bought different types of guitar to keep motivated. It always went well for an initial couple of months but after some time it dropped and then completely gone. After a year or so had to start again.

After a lot of frustrating cycles, I decided to play guitar for 2 minutes Daily (Routine-Small steps). Even if I just take the guitar and do a couple of strumming but do it daily consistently.

Today I am much better at guitar, learned acoustic guitar to a decent level, and can play in front of an audience. I still keep practicing for at least 5-10 minutes on an average daily. And trying to play the violin now :).

Motivation comes and goes, but if we follow a Routine however small it is and it slowly grows into you!

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