Moving from Territorial to Collaborative Leadership…

Do you feel the need to compete with your peers for people, investments, and attention? This individualistic, “fend for yourself” approach to leadership may serve you early in your career—but it can have diminishing returns. To reach the next level, you need to redefine winning as a shared goal. Here’s where to start.

Build self-awareness. Start by deconstructing why you feel the need to be competitive or territorial. What story are you telling yourself about your colleagues and organization? Once you understand the assumptions underlying your behavior, you can challenge them.

Move from a “me” to “we” mindset. To do this, identify which colleagues are critical to your success in the near term. Then determine the actions you must take to move the relationship forward and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Rebuild trust. Collaborative leadership requires healthy, trusting relationships. Be authentic with your coworkers, showing sound logic and competence. Establish a shared commitment to help them advance their goals, as well as your own.

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