My first experience of voting….

Today we went for voting. The process is to get a serial no. thru which you identify your polling booth and its location. Go there and vote Simple huh!…

First getting the serial no. Nothing is more complex than getting the serial no. you need to get a small chit that has the serial no; Our Apartment community security and system has completed goofed it up, for searching your name it would take one day….

So we directly went to nearest Poll booth assuming our names present there. A set of volunteers where helping get serial no. We got our numbers at last but wrong names in the chit they suggested its fine you can vote even if your names are wrong, fine we went inside (We had to vote today!). After waiting for half an hour reached the poll counter and got rejected, based on our vote numbers our names was not present.

Again as mentioned we cannot give up….We came out couple of folks from our apartment had a pdf document that provides you proper serial no. We got our second serial no. of the day. Ours was in different poll booth location, we quickly went there, again volunteers search the name and serial no. basis but failure again.

At last one guy got site and search the svf voter number and got serial no., this was final try we went based on that serial no. and yuppee! was able to vote with that at last.

It was like finally winning the battle with the system who does not want us to vote !!

Keep voting folks this time we have to fight back!!! And best way to do is do Vote Jai hind!….

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