Networking When You’re a Senior Leader…

Networking for a job can feel increasingly difficult as you move up the ranks. As a senior leader, why does career networking feel so uncomfortable—and how can you overcome the challenges? Start by acknowledging that your success might have led to a reluctance to ask for help. It’s natural to value self-reliance or to want to uphold an image of strength. But reaching out to your contacts doesn’t have to feel like an admission of weakness.

Start by making a list of all your valuable contacts, then ease into the process by contacting the ones you trust and know well. While it may feel tempting to be secretive about your situation or aspirations, obfuscating the truth will only lead to more stress and a less fruitful connection. So, if you’ve been let go or are looking for a new opportunity, just say that.

And remember: Regardless of your seniority, networking is a long-term process that won’t lead to fast results. Be patient and stay humble as you go through the process.

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