No Pain No Gain…


In life, we all must choose two pains: the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.

The Pain of Discipline: Pain we take when we are working hard and trying to accomplish our expectations either in terms of monetary or health or betterment of our life. All of our day to day struggles to rise ourselves comes under this.

The Pain of Regret: Pain of jealousy or regret of not achieving things which we want to, either in terms of money, health, life expectations and more. This accounts for most of our sadness which we feel while comparing ourselves with others.

We have to take one or the other pain, if we do not take the first one, we will automatically start feeling the pain of regret. Of course, we can always go for no pain but then we become a monk, who does not care for anything and have no ties to the real world.

So what kind of pain you would like to take?

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