Not Feeling Ambitious?

We all think of ourselves as high achievers, but sometimes, it happens that we haven’t been feeling that usual spark of ambition. It might be because of burnout, because of a life-changing event, or a midlife crisis. Is this wrong? Absolutely not! 

But we need to make peace with the desire to tone it down—even if that impulse conflicts with our previous vision of ourselves. Here are a few tactics that can help;

Adopt a flexible mindset.

First, adopt a flexible mindset, and let’s recognize when it’s time to shift to another strategy. This could mean acknowledging that it may be time, after years or decades of grinding hard at work, to reallocate energy toward your health and happiness, family, or hobbies and passions outside of work. 

There are no timelines in Career.

There is no standardized timeline. How does it matter if you have attained your goal in 10 years or 15 years, in long run it does not. Your career is a marathon; give yourself the grace to slow down sometimes, take mental breaks, and pace yourself. 

How to grow yourself.

Finally, figure out what you need in order to grow. Moving forward isn’t always a function of getting a raise, making new professional connections, or building your resume. Sometimes it’s a function of changing things up and exposing yourself to new inputs—whether it’s a month-long trip abroad or a year of stepping back from the grind mentality and focusing on other areas of your life and well-being—that eventually lead to new and different outputs.

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