One mistake…

Do you have the feeling that the one mistake in life has completely derailed it? 

It can be anything from not joining the job, in which your peer has now become a millionaire, or jumping into entrepreneurship that failed. Or even failing the exam and not getting into college. 

But is it really true? Can a single moment of failure define our life?

If we think deeply we know the answer is no, the reason we failed was not one point of time or one mistake, but we didn’t try again, we didn’t try to do startup again even if it failed the first time. We didn’t try to pass the exam a second time, but we accepted it. 

But that’s the catch, you cannot determine the slope of a line given only one point, as there is no line, to begin with. A single point in time does not show trends.

So how is ur trend after the one mistake you think is life-changing? If the trend with time is not what you want to achieve, then the one mistake does not matter, it’s a series of mistakes all in a row to not achieve what you sort out the most. 

So change the trend – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. And stop blaming the one mistake.

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