Building brand…

Dont bounce off looking at the topic, this is one of the most discussed topic and everyone hates it 🙂 . A startup specially internet startup spends most of the time/resource thinking how to build brand ? how to increase direct traffic ? blah blah…..

Here i do not want to get into 10 steps for building brand but rather would like to ask some very obvious questions, so when next time there is a brand / direct traffic meetings with a brand consultant, you know what to look for..

Do you know what user wants? This is the most important question and should be answered completely before even getting into any meetings forget brand/direct. If you do not understand your users, what they want? why are they coming to you? and whether u are able to answer their queries. Go get this first, talk to users/read analytics/understand them.

One example stands out for me: We were suppose to have a consumer call with one of our power sellers, this was in one of the marketplace website where power seller can sell products to users. We were about to release a major enhancement which all the power sellers were aspecting and I was very skeptical about the meeting. I was aspecting a good bashing about the feature not yet released and loses the power seller is incurring because of delay in release etc. Guess what he was waiting for a minor bug fix which was not even added in our release cycle, it was a simple address switch based on country selected by users, so that buyers are comfortable with this seller. Infact he did’nt wanted any of the hi-fi feature we were building and told me upfront in the meeting. Moral of the story is talking to the power sellers (Our user/customer) made me realized the actual user problem and solve it much faster making him happy customers. Now that builds brand!

So next time you walk in to any of the brand meetings ask What does user want? If none is aware, initiate a user interactive session, that will be much more productive rather than brand consultants and these unnerving meetings with no conclusion.

As the saying goes “User is the king”!!


Story of a marketer..

How a story of a marketer can change fortune of an internet company. There was an internet company that was doing its bit of struggling, trying hard reaching traffic numbers, and trying to scale to the next level. It got good funding after struggle, funds was raised for marketing , building brand and increasing direct traffic to the website.

And than came the marketer he was like “pied piper of hamelin” with all sorts of bells and whistles. Guess what would have happened once he is in and started taking marketing. Whole traffic / direct /free dropped because of pied piper, and he still continues to kill the traffic but imagine the traffic still persists.

Everything than started falling and at the end company was no more……

Guess whats the moral of the story ?


How to learn from your mistakes….

Lot of us think that this is such a small thing, we learn from our mistakes do we ? Step back and think when was the last time you had done mistake in office? In your home? And have you learnt from it ? What did u learn ? At least for me it goes blank …

Ever wonder why we don’t even remember our mistake forget learning from it. I think its because we do not accept responsibility for it, we dont accept its a mistake and next time we will not do it again. Or do it much better. One of the main reason we ignore mistake and do not accept is fear of failure.

And because of ignoring the mistake and not accepting we keep doing same mistake again and again, Whereas successful people they accept it and learn from it and rise….Remember this:

[quote]Mentally strong people accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their past mistakes. As a result, they don’t keep repeating those mistakes over and over. Instead, they move on and make better decisions in the future.[/quote]

Its all about people…..

Being in startup companies from past 10 years, have come to realize success of a company is all about people…

Have you ever wondered why ? I think the single most important reason is how the team tackle failures and that’s why a cohesive team plays significant role. To coup up with failures & pressures etc people and their trust in each other is critical. Skill set / Education/ History etc etc all goes for toss once you see failure, all these might help you stand but what lets you go further and further is ur colleagues ur friends and their trust in you..

Also these are the scenarios which makes or breaks the company and real leaders emerge out of it. A person attitude in this case is single most important criteria, in general seeing a failure people get scared and run away from it including all of us.

Hence hire or get a team with good attitude rest will follow…






Pursuit of Happyness…

Father to son:

Dont Ever let Someone Tell You That Yon Cant Do Something. Not Even Me. You Got A Dream, You Gotta Protect it.

When People Can’t Do Something Themselves, They’re Gonna Tell You That You Can’t Do It.

You Want Something Go Get it. Period !!




Laziness is nothing but burden of doing too many things…

Why is any sane person lazy, as in his mind he thinks of so many different ways to do or so many different things to do, that it never starts. Hence laziness is getting tired before doing anything by just imagining in mind. This concludes lazy people are more imaginative than others? ..

What do you think of laziness?

My first experience of voting….

Today we went for voting. The process is to get a serial no. thru which you identify your polling booth and its location. Go there and vote Simple huh!…

First getting the serial no. Nothing is more complex than getting the serial no. you need to get a small chit that has the serial no; Our Apartment community security and system has completed goofed it up, for searching your name it would take one day….

So we directly went to nearest Poll booth assuming our names present there. A set of volunteers where helping get serial no. We got our numbers at last but wrong names in the chit they suggested its fine you can vote even if your names are wrong, fine we went inside (We had to vote today!). After waiting for half an hour reached the poll counter and got rejected, based on our vote numbers our names was not present.

Again as mentioned we cannot give up….We came out couple of folks from our apartment had a pdf document that provides you proper serial no. We got our second serial no. of the day. Ours was in different poll booth location, we quickly went there, again volunteers search the name and serial no. basis but failure again.

At last one guy got site and search the svf voter number and got serial no., this was final try we went based on that serial no. and yuppee! was able to vote with that at last.

It was like finally winning the battle with the system who does not want us to vote !!

Keep voting folks this time we have to fight back!!! And best way to do is do Vote Jai hind!….