Learnings from “Avengers: EndGame”

  • Badass steals the limelight, the movie is about Thanos and his terror. He was the biggest hero and died like a hero. So being Badass is not bad in this world!
  • Superhero needs other superheroes to win whether its big or small. Ant-man though not as powerful as Captain Marvel was the only reason Avengers could go back and win.
  • Consciousness rather over-consciousness is not good! In fact, it clouded the Superheros’ judgment, divided the whole group, delayed the fight back.
  • Team is more powerful than family. Thanos daughters betrayed him and helped Avengers. Whereas Avengers Team though broken re-established & won.
  • Superheroes are heroes’ if their worlds exist. Imagine a sudden wipe out of your inner circle. Power & Money have no use without society. It’s in the eyes of our world (Inner circle) we are Superheros! And that’s what we aspire.

Why so many Don’ts?

Don’t, Eat ice cream or donuts to ensure benefits later with reduced weight and a healthy body.
Don’t, Watch TV and invest more time in study to gain knowledge for better career and money.
Don’t, Linger with friends and invest more time in the study for a successful career.
Don’t, Sleep late in the morning, wake up early for better health and wealth.
Don’t, Waste time reading novels or fiction, but study hard for exams to ensure better grades.
Don’t, Be lousily dressed, ensure you are always dressed up.
Don’t, Be lazy, run fast to ensure you come first in the race.
Don’t, Enjoy life but work hard so that you can succeed to enjoy it later.

No points for busy

There’s a common safe place: Being busy.

We’re supposed to give you a pass because you were full on, all day. Frantically moving from one thing to the other, never pausing to catch your breath, and now you’re exhausted.
No points for busy.
Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters.
No points for busy.

Moral Conscience is related to Religion?

We believe, faith in religion has a direct correlation with Moral Conscience i.e Sense of right or wrong. It’s implied that a faithful person has moral sense hence avoid wrong-doings.
But, in the current world, it’s the opposite. An agnostic person being logical is more understanding of what’s right vs wrong. Whereas a believer justifies wrongdoing thru faith. Or can ask for forgiveness thru religious rituals and go ahead with it.
Can religion act as moral conscience compass? Let’s take a simple example; Polygamy in one religion is acceptable. Whereas in others it’s considered wrong. So is it wrong to have more than one partner or right? Similarly, there are many different interpretations between religions, in fact within the same religion as well. Moreover, there are manipulations in religious books or literature to ensure we live in constant fear or greed. Hence it’s very difficult to use religion as a moral conscience compass.
Religion currently is used to create fear and greed, to extract money and fame thru it. After all, religion is one of the most powerful business. And it’s beneficial for those on top in the religious pyramid to push it as fear or greed to ensure it blinds everyone.
I think, to truly understand the religion and use it as moral conscience, its interpretation should be thru reason and love rather than blind fear of faith. Then it can be used as a roadmap to a good life and give society a sense of right vs wrong.

Tell yourself a good story…

In life its all about the kind of stories we tell ourselves.
All of us have a similar set of problems, struggles, and conditions to tackle. Whether successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, young or aged. In all cases whether good or bad, we talk to ourselves and tell stories. Stories about our pasts, about our peers, about our scenarios. Stories about our dreams.
Stories are core to us, that’s why, when we see touching stories in movies, read in newspapers, books or online. We get excited, get motivated, get gloomy or sad depending on the stories, and remember it for a long time. In fact, we draw a lot of emotions and motivations from these stories.
So what kind of stories we tell ourselves, try this, divide your day in two parts:
When you are telling yourself bad stories. Stories about past failures, about peers comparing, about missed chances, about shortcomings. While telling these, we are down, lesser confident, make bad choices and resolve to bad habits.
When you are telling yourself good stories. Stories about dreams, about aspirations, about growth, about accomplishments, about the way forward. While telling these, we are happy, more confident, make good and faster decisions. And perform much better in all aspects.
In the end, it comes to the kind of stories we tell ourselves. All our struggle to grow and succeed in anything bowls down to telling good stories about it. Moreover, everyone has bad stories and good stories, it’s our choice which one to choose.
So try and keep telling yourself more good stories than bad stories. And catch yourself while telling bad one to switch to a good one to ensure a successful & happy life!

Sleepy head way to go…..

Are you a sleepy head? A sleepy head person can take a quick nap anywhere in any circumstances and can take them a lot. It can be anywhere, while traveling, in college, in office or in home. It’s amazing how a sleepy head can nap in any condition.
I remember once while traveling on a train in the hottest summer and long 36 hours journey and I slept most of the time. Everyone around me got amazed how can I sleep in these conditions. There are numerous scenarios like these where I have taken naps.
I am one of the sleepyhead person, and all my life whenever I use to take a nap. People around gave a sense of guilt, why are you sleeping now? How can you sleep here? You are wasting time by sleeping etc..etc…
But what sleep does is energize from anything be it stress, negative emotions, anger and lot more. It’s like you have got a new morning to start again.
Moreover, after sleep, you will find solutions to your problems. Imagine a cluttered room or closet before you go to sleep, but as you wake up the clutter is completely sorted out 🙂Sleep has so much power!
So don’t worry all the sleepy heads, its the best way to get toxic out of your mind. Use it as frequently as possible, let others envy you…