Problems in Life…

I know this is a generic topic and I am not here to provide solutions to any of the problems. I want to tell you, there is an interesting way of looking at problems. And deciding important path in your life based on how much you like or dislike a problem.

Basically what kind of problems you want to tackle or you are best at tackling is the direction we all should move towards. Lets look at it in our work life(We can take similar examples in different verticals), in general you will have options to either join a big company, a midsize/small company, a startup or open your own (entrepreneurship).

Now each has its own problems or issues and benefits, lets look at each:

1. Big companies – Political drama with lot of push/pull of strings but with a decent pay and good work/life balance, if you are someone who can ignore lot of crap and still manage to work on something you do not like. Not much growth and stagnancy are some of the terms you will be fine with, so this the place for you.

2. Mid size / smaller companies – Again this is same with a bit lesser politics but more work and better than decent pay. So someone with same level ignorance capacity but higher ambitions should look here…

3. Startups – Decent pay, lesser infra/perks but good job satisfaction and lot to learn. Might have some amount of risks but still best bet today.

4. Your own – No pay, no infra/perks, best job satisifaction you do what you feel like doing and when you want to do it. Lots of learning and full chance of failure..

If you look at any aspects of your life you can divide in these kind of segments with problems in each and than decide which once you like tackle most…


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