Promote Curiosity on Your Team…

How curious is your team? When you build a culture of curiosity at work—where employees are encouraged to ask tough questions, challenge the status quo, and explore their interests—people feel more seen, heard, and motivated. Here are some statements you can say more often to promote this kind of culture on your team.

  • “I don’t know.” Being intellectually humble is a rare but valuable quality in a leader. When you admit the limits of your knowledge, you implicitly encourage others to offer up their interpretations, questions, and ideas. In other words, not knowing all the answers creates space for curiosity.
  • “Tell me more.” This simple follow-up statement is a powerful demonstration of curiosity that allows you to dive beneath the surface of a conversation. People almost always have more to say—they’re just waiting for your attention and permission to say it.
  • “I understand that you’re more than your job.” Simply acknowledging the reality that we’re all impacted by our personal lives, relationships, and the events of the world creates new opportunities to address those things and provide support if needed.
  • “Who else has something to share?” The best leaders know that insights and solutions sometimes come from surprising people who are rarely invited to the brainstorming or decision-making tables. Be proactive about bringing those voices into discussions.

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