Power to work more…

The power to work more doesn’t come from multitasking but from focusing on one task at a time.

Either you divide the day for each individual task(s). Or take one day for each mega task and finish it.

The more power you need the more focus you need.

End of an era…

The end of an era always denotes the beginning of a new one.

While it always seems an end… in reality it’s another beginning.

While one makes you sad the other makes you happy and excited.

It doesn’t matter…

It doesn’t matter how u look.

It doesn’t matter how u behave.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your luck is.

It doesn’t matter how skilled or unskilled you are.

All that matters is how many times have u tried, 

How many times have u failed,

How many times have u risen back.

So it doesn’t matter, just keep trying.

It’s not easy…

It’s not easy to make something easy. 

But it’s easier to give the perception of ease. 

In the end, it becomes more about perception than reality. And who said perception is anything but different than reality?

So try to make it easy, if not change the perception if possible.

Create Better Memories…

The memories you remember from the past are:

People who loved you,

People who cared for you,

Good or Bad Stories you created with people,

And while you live to still create memories,

Memories are all about people in your life, not the materialistic gains. 

So let’s value people, create better memories, and live vivid life to remember.