Process to follow…

What If there was a process to follow for success?

Will we follow it? No.

Because our definition of success keeps changing.

We have one definition of success today,

And another definition tomorrow.

So we are aiming for a moving target,

Which we can never achieve unless we stop moving the target.

So whatever process you follow, keep your goals study, and you will achieve it.

Portion of a day…

A portion of a day if it is good,

Makes the day worthwhile for you,

It’s lucky to get that portion frequently,

And that’s what we should strive for,

It’s not easy, it comes and goes,

But if you can keep hitting hard for the good portion,

It will come and when it comes you will be blessed.

So keep trying for it in your days.

Being tired…

Some days are tiring,

Bypass these days,

Look to a new day tomorrow,

New days will bring new rays and new ways,

Embrace it, fill it with joy, fill it with future,

Expect the best from them,

Expect to get in the day, what you want,

And you will surely get it.

Letting go…

Sometimes letting go is good,

Be it a person you are letting go,

Be it thoughts you are letting go,

Be it habits you are letting go,

Be it dreams you are letting go,

It creates space for a better person,

It creates space for learning better things,

It creates space for better thoughts,

It creates space for better dreams,

So let go even if it feels bad,

Still, let it go.

Someone failed again today…

Someone failed again today,

But he did pick himself up and tried again,

And that is what makes the difference of the day,

Cause failures will keep coming,

Mistakes will keep happening,

What will keep one going,

Is the belief in self,

And the belief of loved ones,

So fear not of failures,

Fear the disbelief,

Fear the desperation,

Fear the thought of giving up,

And keep going.


Life is a constant juggling

The balls of family & friends are the most fragile.

Then comes the ball of good moments in life.

Then comes the ball of bad moments in life.

Then comes the ball of actions in life.

Then comes the ball of materialistic things in life.

All of us need to choose between these balls.

Be very careful about what you choose and why.

It’s just an outlook…

It’s just an outlook what more?

But it changes everything,

It changes your day to night,

It changes your great work to dull work,

It changes your good emotions to bad ones,

It changes your happy mode to sad mode,

Even though these changes seem smaller,

But as they pile up,

It gets bigger & bigger,

In the end, you’re stuck with these biggies,

But all it takes is a change in the outlook.