Days going by…

Days going by,

Some days are good,

Some days are bad,

But it seems to pass by,

Like sand in your hand,

It’s skipping you every day,

And calling it life,

Where we know you know,

It’s all in for rife,

So enjoy it if you can,

Before days goes by.

Learning erases boredom…

Boredom is one of the killers, 

it sucks the excitement out of life, 

it feeds negativity,

It kills creativity,

But learning erases boredom,

Its a light against boredom darkness,

And it helps mitigate dullness…

So keep learning and erase boredom.

Take small steps…

You might not know the way,

Others may misguide you,

But the small steps you take today,

Will always guide you.

Don’t worry if its right or wrong,

But if your intent is strong,

You will always find a way,

To take whatever obstacle is on,

As long as you keep following the small steps on and on.

Money motivation is really worth it…

Even though people keep saying that money motivation is not good…but never underestimate it. 

Money motivation is one of the biggest motivations in life and there is nothing wrong with it. 

It is just that money brings a lot more friends that can spoil you, beware of those and use money as your best motivator.