Race against time…

The value of time is much more critical than the value of money.

Money cannot buy time but time can always outrun money. 

Imagine what we can accomplish today with our knowledge, if we can do that 5 years ago, where we would be today? 

Instead of playing a catching game with time if we can value it now and envisage things in the future, that’s the real wisdom and value of time.

We always regret our past decisions; one of the main reasons for making the wrong decisions is at that moment we don’t value time, don’t value knowledge, and don’t value the effort to put into our decisions. Later we regret the same not even understanding that it is all on us since we couldn’t value the right time and see thru the future to make the right decisions.

So instead of racing against time, let’s value time, let’s value our current diligence to ensure we make the right decisions for our future.

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