Reduce Your Vulnerability to Layoffs…

What should you do if you’re working under the cloud of impending layoffs? You can’t always control the outcome. But you can reduce your vulnerability by understanding the most common reasons people get laid off and how to defend against them.

  1. A lack of skills advancement. Employees who don’t keep up with rapidly changing business needs may be a target. It’s crucial to take a proactive approach to developing your skills based on where the market and company are heading.
  2. Being an overseer, not a doer. Managers who lack hands-on involvement may be perceived as not directly contributing to execution or outcomes. To become invaluable to your organization, find a balance between strategic leadership and direct involvement in work (without micromanaging your team).
  3. Being invisible. If senior leaders don’t know who you are or what you do, your job could be an easy target. Investing in relationships and visibility can help mitigate this risk.
  4. Offshoring and automation. To safeguard against these threats, it’s critical to stay informed about market trends and assess whether your chosen career is prone to displacement or replacement in the future. If so, you can take early steps to shift paths.
  5. Underperforming. Your manager’s perception of your work is everything. If you suspect they’re not satisfied with your contributions, request feedback and regularly check in to see whether they agree that your performance has improved.

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