Release the Pasts

Do you know anyone who has fully left the past behind him or her? Few of us achieve that freedom. For all of us, at some level, the past is not really the past. Even when painful circumstances occurred weeks, months, or years ago, at a deep emotional level we still hold on to them.

We attempt to bury them, but they still affect our lives. The energy we use in regrets and resentments burns at an unconscious level, so we don’t realize why we are nagged by feelings of negativity or unhappiness. Yet, unless we somehow release that negative energy, the past affects our present-day experience and shapes our future.

We cannot hold onto negative energy from the past in the form of grudges, resentments, and fears, and at the same time move toward highest potential. Why? Because negative feelings block the flow of positive energy into our lives.

The best way to release the past is to forgive..forgive ourselves and those people and situations that hurt us. Just as our bodies heal physical bruises, our inner self wants to heal emotional injuries. We heal by releasing those injuries. We release by forgiving.

To forgive, we face the matter and own it. We acknowledge that the negative energy we’ve been carrying around no longer serves us. We choose to leave the situation behind and in doing so, we forgive.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves. It release us from the past, fills our lives with positive emotions and frees us to shape abundant, successful tomorrows.


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