Running after money never works…

If you think of running after the money and becoming rich, it does not work that way.

Here are the reasons why:

1. There are hundreds of different ways of making money and I mean proper, ethical ways of making money. So which one to choose? If you choose one path, while in the midst you will feel that the other path is easier. So you will start looking at other paths and regret choosing the current one and start failing in it.

2. Secondly, out of these ways, there are a few which will suit you. In general, we decide by current affair bias; Entrepreneurs are getting rich, I should become an entrepreneur, or doctors are rich people, I should become a doctor. But deciding by only looking at who has done what is foolish, and sooner you will realize that you are not cut out for it.

3. Third, if you are looking at money and what comes with it (Jealousy, Comparison, Stress, etc), you will in general do shallow work, not focusing on deep work, you will be more into worldly gain rather than reaching a life goal, and there are no short-cuts to reach substantial goals in any field. Hence it will lead to being mediocre in your area, ultimately not leading to the richness you want.

4. Lastly, you need to be persistent in one area to really reach the level. Only a few of the entrepreneurs have become rich, and a lot of the others are struggling and failing. There are a lot of doctors, but only a few are rich to the level. Persistency, hard work, and determination come from within, and it requires a lot of self-motivation, that comes from a lifelong goal to do something, to be something not just from the desire to earn money and become rich.

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