SEO – Site Accessibility Factors…

SEO – Site Accessibility Factors…

Site accessibility factors are most basic health check and critical for any website which is looking to grow in SEO traffic, here are the factors/checks:

1. Robots.txt
If your website is not accessible to Search Engine Crawlers, your web pages are not indexed, which literally means you are not in the index of the database from which search results are retrieved.
To check your robots.txt type: by replacing “example” with your actual website URL(domain name).
You can test and edit your robots.txt file to add or exclude new pages or bots or files using the webmaster robot testing( tool.

2. Sitemaps/Sitemap.xml
Sitemaps provide the search engine crawlers with a navigation guideline, a kind of check list that indicates which all pages are there on your website and in the order they shall be indexed.
Make sure your sitemap abides by the XML document format and is structured as per the sitemap protocol(

3. HTTP Response Status
Ensure that the web pages return appropriate HTTP Response status so that crawler understands and index the pages. Fix broken links and ensure pages are accessible at all the times.
Here are the HTTP Response Statuses, relevant for SEO:
“200” : Pages accessible and returns success.
“404” : Not Found
“301” : Permanently Moved
“302” : Temporarily Moved

4. Performance & Load Time of Site Pages
This is one of the key factors for Google crawling and accessibility. And has a huge impact on how users also access your website. Ensure that this is consistently gauged and improved upon.

5. Mobile Accessibility
Mobile as an access point has been growing at tremendous pace and Google gives huge weightage whether a page is mobile accessible.

6. HTTPS (Secure Sites)
Google favors HTTPS or HTTP for SEO and it’s more trustworthy for Users.

For any website, these are the sanity checks for ensuring that Site is accessible and Google and other crawlers access your site for SEO…

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