Set Healthy Standards of Work for Your Team…

When employees feel constantly busy, so busy that they barely have time to breathe, it diminishes their creativity, drive, and job satisfaction. Managers need to take the lead in creating healthy standards for their teams. Here are some things to try.

  • Set an example. Let your team see you taking lunch breaks, leaving the office on time, and working flexibly. And don’t send emails or other messages late at night — it signals that employees should be working at all hours.
  • Plan extra time. Research has found we’re overly optimistic about how long a task will take. Encourage your team to block out extra time each week to finish up lingering projects. This will help people free up space on their to-do lists (and in their brains).
  • Increase workload transparency. Talk to employees about their workloads to get a fuller sense of what they’re working on. Use what you hear to think about whether the team needs more resources or should stop doing certain kinds of work.

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