Should we have (at least) two careers

Should we try and have two or three careers simultaneously, this can provides loads of positives, in terms of monetary benefits, more fulfilling, utilizing our varied skill sets in multiple verticals etc…

But does this work in Indian or rather Asian context? Here are some of the points which do not allow us to jump in two pools so easily:

1. Keep Everyone Busy Syndrome: Keeping Employee busy is one of the key thoughts ingrained deeply in all employers/managers and bosses. The notion is to keep everyone under you busy. I remember one of my previous company, we had a finance manager, his idea was if u want to ensure that your team is performing best, keep them as much busy with work as possible. It implies that getting the time out of your one career is difficult and not exactly friendly to your current employer. You can get similar or better ideas, from Trade Wise, if you follow the page!

2. Stable job and financial well being: Once we are in a stable job and financially secure, we do not want to invest in another career. Raise your hands who all are in govt jobs/ public sectors earning enough, do u want to become a guitarist as other career option? Nah not many …

3. Commitment towards Personal Growth: If we need to have two careers we should have a commitment to our personal growth since some of the careers path like music or creative side takes much longer time to get productive in terms of returns. We are born with the mentality of doing things for short term money, fame or peer pressures. Developing a career and then choosing another takes lots of time/patience and commitment.

4. Lastly, lesser job opportunities: Some of the graduate students are not even able to get one single job, thinking about two is out of the question.

Personally, I think opting for two careers is definitely a great idea and can be very fulfilling but whether we can take it up?

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