Should You Follow Your Boss to Another Company?

When your boss leaves for a new company, it can be tempting to follow them, especially if you’ve developed a strong working relationship and built up years of trust. But is following in their footsteps always a good idea? Ask yourself these questions before making the decision.

  • Why is my boss choosing to leave? Ask your boss to have an offline, one-on-one conversation. They’re likely to be more candid in private, especially if you have a good relationship. Try to understand what they think the new opportunity offers that their current one lacks. Having this information can help you make more informed decisions about your own path.
  • How critical has my boss been to my success? Evaluate your other connections at work. Look at potential avenues for growth and advancement. If you have mentors and sponsors other than your boss, and if you see possible ways to advance without their direct backing, this departure could be a chance for you to explore new opportunities. But if they were your only source of support or sponsorship, following them could be the right move.
  • How worried am I about the organization’s future? If your boss’s departure poses a major risk to your organization, it might be prudent to jump ship before it sinks. If not—and especially if your boss’s move is a risky one—staying put for now could be the safer play.

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