Showcase Your Accomplishments Without Bragging

Success at work often depends on being — and being seen as — both competent and likable. You need people to notice your growth and accomplishments while also enjoying your company. But how do you showcase your work without coming across as a shameless self-promoter? Here are a few tips:

Share when others are sharing. The penalty for bragging seems to dissipate when others in the room are engaging in self-promotion.

Share when asked. Humility is admirable. But if someone requests information or an answer that requires you to reveal positives about yourself, you should oblige. Research indicates that when someone details an accomplishment in response to a direct question, others don’t judge that person as any less agreeable.

Find a promoter. Peers, bosses, mentors, and sponsors will likely be happy to speak up on your behalf if and when you ask them to.

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