Sometimes there are no closure….

But sometimes there are no closure….

We all have difficulties letting ourselves go, be it a small confrontation with our peer, our friends, wife, parents or in office with boss. We keep looping it in our mind either blaming ourself or finding fault in other person till we justify it. For some it takes days or even weeks to forget and move on, for others it takes much lesser time.

Why we do it?

I think one of the reasons we do it is to understand what happened and rectify or avoid the same mistake in future. We all have a sense of learning which is ingrained to make us better in everything we do, so we try to analyze and improve from it.

But we oversimplify it, sometimes it’s not as simple as it looks, maybe the other person is not in good mood, maybe you yourself are in bad grudge about sometime else with someone. With all these in background and the present environment even the most calm person might have that altercation.

Can we let it go?

As a closure, we either expect apology from others or some kind of punishment to be exerted on the other person or to us. But why so? Everyone makes mistake, we ourselves make so many mistakes and ignore it. Can’t we pardon him/her or for that matter ourself ? Just imagine if you can pardon the other person and yourself without doing lots of mumbo-jumbo in your mind. How fast you can recover from it and feel better again. Moreover it helps you remain calm and in much happier state always!

So let’s let go

So let it go and forgive him/her and self, and say it out loud “Sometimes there are no closure so no worries 🙂 “

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