Short term vs Long term thinking…

Short term thinking is around immediate needs and outcomes. It may be a span of a couple of days or months or maybe a year.
Long term thinking is much longer, spanning maybe around the next 5-10 years or more. It is more defining for our goals and careers.
Short-term thinking has problems:

Mind loops: It leads to a lot of restless within and keeps sending us in mind loop. It can be for “Upcoming Exams” or “Appraisal review meeting” or “Job Interview” or “Shopping”.

No learning: It leads to prepare for Exams (Or an event for short term goal) for the purpose of getting good ranking not to learn from it. If I pass this exam I am set for life, which is not true. Even after getting good score in Exam or passing for Job Interview you have to work hard to succeed. Similarly, a failed Job interview does not mean failure in the career. 

End of life event(s) really?: It leads to disheartening feeling as if nothing is left in life because of single failure whereas if you fail that does not mean end of life. It just means you need to try harder or may be change your career path. Life is much bigger and have unlimited choices for us to choose from. 

Most of our time goes in Short-term thinking leading to Analysis Paralysis (Almost 99% time). And a lot of our jealousy, stress and immediate reactions stumps out from this.
Investing more in Long term gives us more power to realize our goals and attain success & serenity.

We should never forget these:

Short-term thinking repeated, again and again, doesn’t lead to Long-term thinking.

Short-term success may not actually lead to Long-term success.

Even though mind almost think’s in shorter terms, long term thought process and plan matters most in life.


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