Short term vs Long term thinking…

Short term thinking is around immediate needs and outcomes. It may be a span of a couple of days or months or maybe a year.
Long term thinking is much longer, spanning maybe around the next 5-10 years or more. It is more defining for our goals and careers.
Short-term leads to a lot of restless within and keeps sending us in mind loop.
It can be for “Upcoming Exams” or “Appraisal review meeting” or “Job Interview” or “Shopping”.
Long-term leads to better planning and brings more serenity to achieve our goals or careers.
Short-term thinking to give Exams to be a topper has no meaning except to satisfy egos. Long-term thinking would be to learn and give Exams to get into the Career.
Similarly, if failed in a Job interview does not mean failure in the career (Short-term). There are other interviews and jobs which can lead to the career (Long-term)
There is a difference in the thought process.
Short-term thinking repeated, again and again, doesn’t lead to Long-term thinking. And Short-term success may not actually lead to Long-term success.
Most of our time goes in Short-term thinking leading to Analysis Paralysis (Almost 99% time). And a lot of our jealousy, stress and immediate reactions stumps out from this.
Investing more in Long term gives us more power to realize our goals and attain success & serenity.

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