Speedstorming for Product Ideas

Are you stuck without any ideas on how to take your product to the next level, or achieve next product goal(s)? Our usual idea meetings take an infinite amount of time and without any conclusion. And what’s more not everyone contributes to the ideas.

Here is a simple process which gets rid of all these issues, please try and share your feedback.

To implement speedstorming, need to have a minimum of five people who have some familiarity with your market, five blank sheets of paper, and a watch.

Here is how it works:

1. Seat all five people at a table and give them each a blank sheet of paper. Make sure they know that during this exercise they can’t discuss their ideas or look at one another’s sheets of paper.

2. Tell them all to come up with three product features/ideas, give them five minutes, and set the timer on your watch for five minutes.

3. When the timer goes off, have the participants pass their paper to the person seated to their left.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 five times, except for the final time have everybody give their sheets to the person leading the product development effort.

Just like that, you should have 75 ideas to consider for your product. Even if two thirds
of the suggestions are not particularly useful, this would still leave you with 25
pretty decent ideas to start from.

What makes this process work well is that it gets all five people involved. If you were to try to do the same exercise with a whiteboard, you would likely get far fewer ideas,
and some of the people in the room would contribute little, often because they are shy. This process gets everyone involved, and it’s actually fun as well!

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