Start with the solutions you have…

A lot of time we get stuck with problems in our minds.

What should we do now?

How to do it?

Who will help me with this?

Can I do it or not?

Will this work out or not?

We have all these questions and doubts that keep interfering.

So why not flip it and ask ourselves:

What is working for us now and look at the solution space:

I am doing good in my job in these areas.

I am able to scale users and traffic. 

I am able to build teams and enable technology.

I am able to do these things better than others.

And by doing things that we do bests and keep trying to do better, we can scale to the next level both personally and professionally.

With this exercise, we can get ourselves unstuck with life’s problems, look for more positive things working for us, and be successful.

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