Stop Calling Your Team a “Family”

You might assume describing your team as a “family” is a good thing. After all, that word describes a group that is close and supportive of one another. But selling your team on the idea of being a family can encourage unhealthy dynamics where personal and professional lines begin to blur, undying loyalty is expected, and people feel taken for granted.

Instead, you want to acknowledge the transactional nature of professional relationships while also encouraging trust, respect, and fun. Rather than sending a family-centered message like “We’re all in this together,” try “We share the same purpose and goals” (making clear what those purposes and goals are).

Set boundaries around personal and professional time; outline when and where it’s appropriate to work (like not on vacation!). Let everyone know that time off is not only encouraged but expected.

Finally, acknowledge that most people won’t stay at the same company for their entire career and that it’s okay for people to move on when they’ve outgrown their roles.

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