Stop thinking …yes its tradeoff

We waste so much time thinking why of everything?
Why can’t Mr.X come regularly for work?
Why she cannot handle this independently?
Why I have to every time repeat this for them?
Why should I get the groceries?
Why can’t I travel to more places?
Why don’t I have a bigger house, better cars?`
Every want or need comes with lots of why’s,
If you want someone else to do things, u need to tradeoff your money with them.
If you want someone to handle things independently, u need to tradeoff in making them learn.
If you want to buy a bigger car and house? U need to work hard and tradeoff with binge-watching or leisure time.
So either be content with the present and “Quench your wants within” or if aspiring more….stop thinking and tradeoff
Another way is instead of why’s, find a bigger dream for ur doings. Yes, everything may not factor in around the dreams but in the long run, it will connect the dots.

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