Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset people consider failure a challenge, recognizing that they have flaws and need to improve. Let’s try again harder.

• Growth Mindset people take mistakes as a challenge to improve, they don’t want to be perfect, they want to learn and keep learning.
• Since they are ready to accept failures to improve themselves. They get much more opportunities as they try more.
• The mindset here is to look at continuous improvement, more like a line that goes up or down but not a single dot. It’s continuous though curvy 🙂
• Growth Mindset people take the adverse condition as a challenge to grow further.
• Growth Mindset believes that if they keep doing hard work, things will improve for the better.

Fixed Mindset people consider failure a sin, a conspiracy perpetuated by the whole world against them.

• Fixed Mindset people fear mistakes because they want to be perfect, and flawless, hence they don’t take risks and don’t want to make mistakes.
• Since they fear failure, they are not open to trying more opportunities leading them to be sitting ducks.
• The mindset here is to bet everything on one exam, one interview, which if they fail, the failure is forever. It’s like a single dot that defines and makes all the difference in life. Whereas in reality, it’s the line, not the dot which makes the difference.
• Fixed Mindset people take the adverse conditions as bad luck, cribbing about it and trying to negotiate it without effort, or ignoring putting any effort.
• Fixed Mindset people fear too much to believe in hard work and hence don’t put so much effort further on.