Big problems in life…

When a problem appears too large, too intractable, and too unspeakable to deal with, it’s easy to give up.

There never seems to be enough time, enough resources, or enough money to make the big problems go away.

Perhaps we can start with a very small part of it. One task, one opportunity, one step.

Drip by drip, with commitment.

Those are the two hard parts. The insight to do it drip by drip and the persistence to commit to it.

A short term or a lasting crisis…

“Wake me when it’s over,” is a natural instinct during a short-term interruption in our usual pattern. A crisis is there to be managed or waited out. The goal of each day is to simply get through it. Until things are back to normal.

But sometimes we’re dealing with a lasting crisis. Where the number of days is not small enough to simply throw them away. In a lasting crisis, the pattern of only getting by undervalues our long days and diminishes our ability to contribute.

In this case, we have a chance to accept a new normal, even if it’s temporary, and to figure out how to make something of it. Of course, you haven’t wished for it, but it’s here. There’s very little value in spending our time nostalgic for normal.

When we get to the other side of the lasting crisis and look back, what will we have contributed, learned & created?

Big little things

We have little control over the big things.

But if we keep working on little things daily, continuously the efforts add up.

One after another, day after day.

It might be enough to impact the big things.

सुख की है चाह तो, दुख भी सहना है…

जीवन के दुखों से, यूँ डरते नहीं हैं

ऐसे बचके सच से गुज़रते नहीं हैं

सुख की है चाह तो, दुख भी सहना है!


Do not fear sufferings and run away from the truth in life.

If you want happiness, you should also be prepared to bear suffering.

Treat happiness and suffering as opposite sides of a single coin and accept both.

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life…

If we are making the hard choices now then the long-term will be easy.
If we make the easy choices now, the long-term life will be a lot harder.

In what to eat, if we are not eating all the junk food and making the hard choice to work out, then the long-term life will be easy. Won’t be sick. Won’t be unhealthy.

But if we eat junk food, do not work out and take easy choices now, the long-term will be much harder for our body & mind.

The same is true of values.

The same is true of career & goals.

The same is true of saving up for a rainy day.

The same is true of our approach to our relationships.