Long Term View…

For every short-term view we take, let’s pause for 1 minute and think of its long-term implications.

It can be any decision or action big or small.

Job – Yes it gives money in the short term, but does it make your career in the long term, pause and reflect.

Eating Burger – Yes it gives immediate taste to your senses, what does to your body in the long run?

Long-term thinking helps make better decisions than short-term thinking.

Optimizing Short term doesn’t help Long term…

Short-term optimization doesn’t necessarily help in the Long term.

Here are the short-term and long-term versions:

#Good Salary level (Short term) doesn’t mean you can Build Wealth (Long term), it requires much more than that, the habit of saving, investments, and luck…

#Going to the gym today (Short term) doesn’t mean good health and longevity, it requires discipline and habit to build good health.

#Performing well in your job today (Short term) doesn’t mean a good career plan, as the job may become obsolete if you are not learning for the future i.e. for the long term. 

Because of our short-sightedness to perform better in the short term, we miss the future and longer-term thoughts. 

So don’t miss to think about the long term, give at least 10% of your time to long-term thoughts, dreams, and plans.