Combat Microstresses at Work…

Microstresses are small stresses from routine interactions—they’re often so brief we barely even register them. Individually, they might seem manageable, but cumulatively they take an enormous toll. How can you combat them?
Start small. Commit to tackling one small, easy-to-address microstress a week for the first two weeks to build confidence, a different mindset, and a sense of agency. Don’t focus on the bigger (and more difficult and entrenched) stressors that can keep you from acting on ones you can control.
Shift your attention to positive interactions. Having people in your life who provide perspective, envision a path forward, offer help, create space to unplug, or make you laugh can have a dramatic impact on your resilience.
Pay attention to how your concern for others is affecting you. When people we care about are struggling, it can cause us anxiety, worry, and pain. Think about how you can reshape these interactions in a more positive way.  
Finally, focus on what gives you a sense of purpose. Researchers found that the happiest people put some of their microstress in perspective by making time for meaningful activities outside of their work and family lives.