The wrong answer…

Why do we always get mind-stuck being wrong or reaching a wrong answer? Whereas the wrong answer is our best friend.

Factually we know that there will be more wrong than the right answers as we try things. Let’s say 80% wrong answers and 20% with the right answers. This fact only implies that we should keep trying more and more.

And the wrong answers lead us to more right answers future on…so our chances increase as we do try.

In the end, it’s the number of attempts that makes all the difference, the more we try the more chances of success.

But we fear trying in case it leads to wrong answers…whereas a person who has succeeded or been right has simply tried more number of times.

So lets not worry about getting wrong…and keep trying…

A successful life…really?

The flawed theory is that top-scoring students lead a successful and fulfilling life. Hence the push to score A+ in exams.

There’s no reason to think that this should be true.

Doing well on tests, paying attention to what’s being asked, being diligent in short-term error correction–these are the main hallmarks of someone who is good at school.

None of these are important once you’re charged with charting a new path, with figuring out what to do next. In fact, sometimes they get in the way. Too much of clutter which is irrelevant in the current life situation(s).

The educational regime was invented to produce compliant workers.

But the most compliant isn’t always suited to be the bravest, the most empathic or the most intuitive, these are far more important to lead a successful and fulfilling life.