Take Action to Overcome Anxiety…

If you’re a high achiever who feels bogged down by anxiety—worrying about worst-case scenarios, stewing over mistakes, comparing yourself with others—you can take action to overcome this common emotion.

  • Practice self-compassion. Approach yourself more positively by replacing self-judgment with self-kindness. You’ll feel better, think more clearly, and escape the thought traps.
  • Make the anxiety an ally. Ask yourself probing questions like “What exactly is worrying me?” “Is it a person, a situation, or a potential outcome?” “Why am I anxious about that?” When you identify the source, you can address it with more intention and focus.
  • Say no to the negative thought. When you notice an anxious thought creeping in, interrupt it by saying “No” “Stop” or “Not today!” The more you engage in this habit, your brain will learn the cue to break free of an anxiety-fueled thought before it traps you.
  • See the humor. Will your typo actually cause you to get fired? Is it solely your fault that your company didn’t meet its sales goals? Of course not! If you can acknowledge that absurdity and let it amuse you, you’ll loosen up.
  • Try guided meditation. Magic happens when you take some time to pause and reset. Try meditating to the words of another person, giving you something other than your own thoughts to focus on.

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