Take your time…go long…

When we think of any problem, we get anxious about how to solve a problem, how to tackle it stress-free.

But there is a secret to solving a problem stress-free or without being anxious.

Let’s take an example of a real-life scenario in an office setup for Ramesh, who is a Team Manager:

Ramesh, wanted his team to follow a set of specific goals.

He has tried earlier to make them follow many times but the team hasn’t listened or acted.

He got discouraged and stopped taking any action getting frustrated about what kind of manager he is if he cannot drive his team.

But let’s rephrase the problem:

He wanted his team to follow a specific goal in the next 6 months.

He added a longer time element to the problem, now with this time frame, he can first think of immediate subordinates and coach them first. And then slowly percolate it to the rest of the team. In the end with a more extended vision, he was able to drive the team.

Why can’t we do this to all our problems, add a time element and if possible a realistic longer time element to it? We look at every problem and try to solve it immediately, but things take time. 

With time on your side you can solve any problems in life.

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