Tell yourself a good story…

In life its all about the kind of stories we tell ourselves.
All of us have a similar set of problems, struggles, and conditions to tackle. Whether successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, young or aged. In all cases whether good or bad, we talk to ourselves and tell stories. Stories about our pasts, about our peers, about our scenarios. Stories about our dreams.
Stories are core to us, that’s why, when we see touching stories in movies, read in newspapers, books or online. We get excited, get motivated, get gloomy or sad depending on the stories, and remember it for a long time. In fact, we draw a lot of emotions and motivations from these stories.
So what kind of stories we tell ourselves, try this, divide your day in two parts:
When you are telling yourself bad stories. Stories about past failures, about peers comparing, about missed chances, about shortcomings. While telling these, we are down, lesser confident, make bad choices and resolve to bad habits.
When you are telling yourself good stories. Stories about dreams, about aspirations, about growth, about accomplishments, about the way forward. While telling these, we are happy, more confident, make good and faster decisions. And perform much better in all aspects.
In the end, it comes to the kind of stories we tell ourselves. All our struggle to grow and succeed in anything bowls down to telling good stories about it. Moreover, everyone has bad stories and good stories, it’s our choice which one to choose.
So try and keep telling yourself more good stories than bad stories. And catch yourself while telling bad one to switch to a good one to ensure a successful & happy life!

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