The Enchanting Fragrance of Nature: A Winter Night’s Delight

I am a big fan of nature, and today once again it proved why…

While walking today after dinner, we crossed a tree which has round white petals blooming flowers all over, it was a winter night, and I had never seen so many flowers in the tree. We smelled the rosy scent of flowers in trees, and it’s the best scent in the world. I would not trade anything for that scent.

You will forget everything with that scent, with that freshness, with that feeling of belonging to the present. Moreover, it comes with no guilt, no pressure to absorb because others are absorbing, it’s just in the present. Present for you and me, present for whoever wants to observe it.

I am so thankful for it and once again I would say nature is the king, be with it, love it, and save it.

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